5 Ways to Attract Socially Conscious Consumers

Aug 6, 2019

With recent changes in the demand for transparency, picking up a socially conscious lifestyle has caused some shifts in the consumer buying patterns in recent times. 

Owing to this, burning issues such as climate change and wildlife conservation have been picked up by the top brands to promote their products - and the results have not disappointed them either.

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From adopting paperless marketing strategies to donating some portion of their proceeds in a social cause, brands are leaving no stone unturned in attracting socially conscious consumers. In the Edelman’s 2018 Earned Brand Study, it was found that around 64% of consumers choose, switch, avoid, or boycott a brand based on its stand on societal issues. The numbers do tell a tale, something that you as a brand should listen and learn to go big in your marketing arena. 

After tracking consumer behaviour for quite some time, we have been able to present the top 5 ways to attract socially conscious consumers and ace the branding game. We hope these tips will come in handy to drive more business and build brand awareness - 

Match Your Actions With What You are Communicating!

Brands must know that their job does not end with coming out with some rosy advertising campaign. These campaigns are just hollow ones unless some intense action does not back them.

Say your brand has come up with a campaign supporting the LGBT rights. Indeed, it is going to be a big hit, but only when your organisation itself is open about the whole idea. However, if you have a record of firing people supporting such an issue in the past, you are surely going to fail miserably.

You just need to get your actions in line, and consumers will follow! 

Do Not Hold Back in Addressing Societal Problems

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Go out there and look for the most troubling issues!

Someone has to raise the voice, and people appreciate it if your brand is the one to do so. 

Make sure you can explain the problems within your industry and then clearly illustrate how you’re going to solve them. You must be able to get your customers on the same boat. 

All you have to do is to press the right button! 

Create a Socially Conscious Content

Content plays a significant role in getting socially conscious consumers hooked to your brand. Present your audience with the stories of individuals your brand has affected and CSR achievements and accolades you have received in promoting some social cause. Do not shy away from sharing all the good work!

Know that good content develops trust among the audience and makes your brand stand out in the crowd.     

Engage Your Consumers

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The best way to make your audience know that you are contributing to a cause is by engaging them in it. 

Say your brand’s advertising campaign says, “Go Green.” Make sure you support the message with organising tree plantation drives in different regions and give people a chance to participate. 

Not only does it promote your brand, but it also gives people satisfaction that they have participated in a cause.

Share Honest Reviews

No matter how well-framed reviews you display on your webpage or advertising boards, visitors know when you are disillusioning them. Consumers seek transparency, and it is your responsibility to offer the same. 

Reviews might be the perfect push that consumers need to justify the increased cost in exchange for eco-friendly or fair-trade products.

Just know that honest reviews are always better than the filtered ones and stick with them. 

We hope these CSR marketing ideas will help you float your boat well and attract more socially conscious consumers. For further consultation and building branded content campaigns, book your free consultation here!