Mini-Guide - How to Build a Socially Conscious Brand

Aug 6, 2019

Mini-Guide - How to Build a Socially Conscious Brand

A recent report from The Nielsen Global Survey of Corporate Social Responsibility suggests that more than fifty percent of the surveyed people were willing to pay more for brands/services offered by socially conscious companies. 

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Moreover, as per the 2017 Millennial Impact Report, millennials are drawn towards brands and organizations that are engaged in philanthropic causes. 

Another study showed that over 73 % of millennials buy sustainable goods and support brands that adopt sustainability. 

You see, the Internet is flooded with many such reports suggesting that most consumers prefer brands that are associated with a social cause, or want to cast a positive impact on the environment or community. Socially responsible brands are loved and appreciated without much ado, and hence, being one such brand is not only smart but the need of the hour. 

To maximise sales and shape a positive brand image, a company can incorporate Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) in their business. Facilitating education, organising crowdfunding events, donating free food, etc. are some ways to give back to society and build goodwill in the industry. 

So, how to become socially responsible as a brand? 

Well, if you are keen to know, let’s look into some ways here -

Choose the Right Cause to Support 

Before deciding what cause you wish to undertake, take a moment to think over it. With a lot of rights to do in the world, you would be tempted to undertake a lot of causes. The things to keep in when selecting a cause are your brand identity, the consumers you cater to, and the products or services you provide. 

By analyzing these factors, you will be able to identify the cause that goes well with your brand. 

Choose a Mission for Your Business 

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The best path towards becoming a socially conscious brand is to imbibe social causes into the DNA of the brand. This will enable you to define your values, regulate the day-to-day working, and monitor the results. Focus on being authentic to your cause and stick to it. 

Set Achievable Goals

Having an unrealistic goal is next to having no goal. 

The mantra is to take a realistic approach and target on more attainable goals. Instead of committing to eradicate world hunger, strive to feed every hungry & homeless in your business location. 

Setting achievable goals will also help you keep track of the progress and make strategic changes whenever needed. 

Produce Socially Conscious Content

Content is the most effective tool to help a business build an impactful brand image. By creating content to address the cause you stand for, you will not only be able to start a conversation but will also attract a new audience. 

However, a lot of other brands may share similar cause as your brand, thus, it is essential to ensure your content is striking as well as unique. 

Be a Part of a Social Moment

The best way to establish your business as a socially responsible brand is by creating campaigns that resonate with the cause you support. Take a stand on any social movement or event which is currently taking or give your response to it. Make others notice that you support the cause and value their ideas. 

No doubt, it is not easy to practice socially conscious marketing as there are a lot of risks involved and chances of failure in it. However, at the end of the day, there is a greater good that lies at the end of the spectrum. Take the leap with CSR to know what future beholds for your brand!

Stephen Seidel is a consultant who helps brands attract more business with socially conscious solutions to mitigate the impact of automation and outsourcing, while valuing your impact on your local community. Our marketing experts can devise the best CSR strategies for your brand and make you target the dynamic millennials and other socially conscious customers. To know better, get in touch today!